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Month: January 2019

Faith is Brilliant

Disclaimer: This article is inspired by Pastor Mayowa of Celebration Church International, mostly known as PM. My thoughts may be included but the teaching was by him. Okurrrr… with that said, let’s begin! “By faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that the things which are seen were […]

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Sometimes the Strong Feel Weak Also…

Have you ever felt like nothing is working out and it drains you so badly? Or better still, like you’re not good enough? Well, I have. I felt that way yesterday. It wasn’t because I’d been thinking long enough, it just hit me like an avalanche. Last night, I was talking to a friend about […]

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Thug Mode Activated

Here I am with another Lagos experience, this one wasn’t so bad but yea, I thought to share. And no, this does not in any way mean Lagos is bad, I mean, I enjoy Lagos sometimes. Mostly when I’m in a car and not keke (tricycle) or a bus. So, first stop today was ipNX, […]

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Look Up, My Child

There are days when I feel like None of it is worth it. Why hope when everything is in shambles? Why trust when it seems I already failed? Why smile when darkness seems to win? Those days Are the days you speak in my heart, Loud enough, it makes every other thought fade ‘Look up, […]

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Branding. I was taught branding in Agricultural Science, probably in SS1 (Grade 10) because I didn’t offer it any further than that. It simply means putting a sign or mark on an animal to indicate ownership and that way, whenever an animal gets missing, it can easily be found by this mark. Likewise, in some […]

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