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Month: January 2019

Tenacious Faith

January 6th, 2019- First Sunday of the Year. First worship at Celebration Church and can I tell you it was amazing. The praise, the worship, the preaching, the people! I would be writing a summary of the sermon titled ‘Faith is Tenacious.’ “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things […]

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Lagos Issa Drug

Believe me when I say Lagos is a drug. I was completelyknocked out today. I’m presently in Lagos for the next 6 months for myundergraduate internship, I arrived 2 days back and I haven’t still gotten ajob. I keep sending mails but hardly get any responses except a few, like just2 have replied me so […]

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Fasting Szn.

Hello guys! Hope you’re doing well? 2019 has been good so far and surprisingly fast, this time last year, I had only just started understanding of salvation and I’m so so grateful for growth. I also wrote about fasting but this post is from Anesi version 2.0 lol. In most churches and Christian communities, this […]

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