August Bloggary #12

Currently watching a cooking show and all I can think is, people can cook!!!😩 Lawrrdt!
Dear Bloggary,
I haven’t been on here for two days because I really needed this break. I was on the road all day, two days back. Very exhausting, I assure you. Yesterday was my day of restπŸ˜‚ I couldn’t deal fam. Todayyyyy, church was amazingggggg! I was excited to hear something legit in church for the first time this year, you really do not want to know some things I have heard in church. You know me, I got back, ate and slept till some minutes ago and all I want right now is to eat. Could it be because of the show I’m watching? 😩😩
Anyhoo, for a week now, I’ve been slacking behind on my Bible verse memorisation, I need help fr fr. Was supposed to resume school today but it’s been moved to tomorrow, I really do not want to go to school. Anyway, I’ll be back tomorrow.
Hope your weekend was amazing?
Gratitude: I’m thankful for the Gospel!
Anesii x

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