August Bloggary #6

Dear Bloggary,
I purposely skipped yesterday because I was too lazy to write. I spent yesterday in bed, watching interesting movies and cartoons. Yes, I love watching cartoons and I’m not too old for them, thank you.
Today… I went to get my wigs from the hairdresser, I’m not so satisfied with what I got but I took them like that. I’ll find a way to fix them later or something. Today was my last day at work also, it ended well, I learned the process of making a collar lol. I got home and was home alone for a while until some minutes ago.
I’ll be putting up a post soonest on the things tailoring taught me. Watch this space 😂
On Vivify, we reviewed all we have learned so far. Oh, there’s a new verse to learn also: Isaiah 53:4-6. This one was really familiar because of ‘Stations of the Cross’. It’s a Catholic thing.
Gratitude: I’m grateful for life, for dreams, for hope, for my salvation and for love.
Till tomorrow,
Anesii xx
PS: What inspirational post would you like to see? What would you have me talk about soon? I’ll be waiting for your feedback in the comment section 💖

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