August Bloggary #9 [Featuring: Lessons Tailoring Taught Me]

Dear Bloggary,
How’re you doing today guys? Sorry I didn’t come through with my lessons yesterday, busy busy day. Spent all day at the salon, I don’t like the first day of new hair cause it comes with an oily face. But oh well, let’s move on to today.
Today involved a lot of washing, a whole lot! And this is the only reason I’m thankful for the very hot sun that’s been shining but this evening came with a plot twist; it’s drizzling πŸ˜’ Before I start talking too much, let me drop my lessons.

  1. In life, you’re mostly on your own when doing stuff, whatever it is. You can only get help from others, but you face your feelings alone. For the first two or three weeks, I found it so hard to really control the industrial sewing machine. Sometimes, it would run off course, other times the thread in the shuttle would tangle, it was just so frustrating! And I would just get pissed and turn it off, but you know something? Getting pissed was never going to solve that problem because nobody would complete the job I had started, I had to complete it myself. That led to this next thing.
  2. Patience: To be very honest, I’d say this is a result of having the Holy Spirit because I know too well that I haven’t always been a patient person. Definitely not a time waster, very straightforward. I have experienced joy, peace, love and self-control, still waiting to see what will lead the rest to play out but patience? I wasn’t expecting it so soon but boy, am I glad it came at the right time. I was patient enough to learn how to control the motor and I became a better tailor from then.
  3. Humility: It really doesn’t pay to be proud at all. First of all, I’m not proud and I really detest pride. Learning from someone directly made me realise that no matter how educated you are, you definitely can’t know it all. As an engineering student, I can know all the mathematical and physical laws there are, but that wouldn’t teach me how to cut or stitch a dress. I also had to come out of my reserved shell so I could interact with the strangers I came to know.
  4. Joy of Hard Work: You know the happiness you feel after completing a job you started by yourself? That’s how I felt when I sewed my first dress. It’s not all fancy but I wear it with so much joy! Because I did it! Trust me, there’s nothing like the work of your own hands.

Sewing did come with a lot of troubles but I’m so glad I went through this phase and I met new people. Cheers to more sewing machine and clothing adventures!🍷😊
Hope you’re having a great day y’all!
Gratitude: I’m thankful for salvation, for knowledge, wisdom and understanding. I’m thankful for my body, all parts are functioning properly. I’m thankful for good health and I also thank God for my mother.
Anesii xx

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4 thoughts on “August Bloggary #9 [Featuring: Lessons Tailoring Taught Me]”

  1. I kuku have plenty styles to sew. I’ve been praying for tailor that won’t disappoint me. Praise Jesus!!! Hallelujah 🍾🍾🍾🍾

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