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At the end of Romans 7, Paul thanks God that salvation from the body of death comes through Jesus Christ. In this study, we see how the love of Christ is demonstrated. 8:1– The Greek word for condemnation is “katakrima” which is pronounced as kat-ak-ree-mah, meaning an adverse sentence. There is no condemnation to them […]

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A Guide to Romans Study and Commentary || Chapters 6&7

Chapters 1–3 talk about how all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. And in Chapters 4 and 5, Paul preaches grace. Now in Chapters 6 & 7, we would talk about how we could stop sinning while in grace. ROMANS 6 STUDY AND COMMENTARY 6:1-2– Answering the question asked at the […]

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A Guide to Romans Bible Study and Commentary || Chapter 5

Question: Now that we know grace abounds so much where there is sin, can we go ahead and keep sinning since we have grace?

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A Guide to Romans Bible Study and Romans Commentary || Chapter 4

Chapter 3 ends on the note saying that it is the law of faith that enables us to fulfill the law and Chapter 4 encompasses GRACE. So far, Paul has pointed out the fact that salvation is by faith and faith alone, he talks about the ungodly nature of men who have chosen to have reprobate minds and how God has given them up to their reprobate minds. In Chapter 3, we see Paul talk of 2 categories of people; the Jews and the Gentiles. The Jews were the people whom God had given the laws and told His promise, for this they felt like a special kind of people, judging others and being hypocritical. The second set of people, the Gentiles, were the ones who did not know or serve God and were regarded as outsiders and not God’s people. But Paul tells us that all the people, Jew or non-Jew had all fallen short of the glory of God, none was good and all needed saving. And this salvation could only come through faith and not works. In Chapter 4, he uses 2 examples to support his statement, Abraham and David.

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A Guide to Romans Bible Study and Romans Commentary || Chapters 2 & 3

Romans Chapter 2 talks about how the Jews seem to judge others because they think they have a special relationship with God, teaching and instructing the ignorant but yet, do not practice what they preach. He simply points out the fact that the law is not what makes us right with God What then does? Let’s look at Chapter 3.

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Bible Study and Commentary || ROMANS 1

The book of Romans is the longest and the clearest exposition by the Apostle Paul on the Gospel. This book contains the doctrinal foundation for the Christian faith, and it is for this reason that it was arranged first in order among the New Testament epistles. The truths presented here must be understood before proceeding to other doctrinal matters. In this letter, Paul dealt with a larger number of doctrinal issues than in any other of his epistles. His treatment of the doctrine of salvation by grace through faith was so masterfully done that its divine inspiration cannot be questioned.

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How To Study The Bible

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the main focus of the Bible is Jesus Christ. The Old Testament was the preparation, the Gospels were the manifestation, the Act of the Apostles was the propagation/proclamation, the Epistles are the explanation and Revelation is the completion.

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