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Author: Anesii

Friday 7 PM: On Christian Dating

Hello people! I hope you’re doing great and your week has been amazing. Last week, we spoke about Christian singles and now, we’ll be talking about Christians in a dating relationship. I love me a topic like this lol. In the previous post, I mentioned that you’re still single until you get married, which is […]

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Good Men Still Exist

Nope. This isn’t the time when I tell you about all the good men I’ve met in my life and why men aren’t actually scum and all that lol. In general, I’m not here to give relationship advice, I mean… pfft! I’m a single pringle. This is a story of two good men I met […]

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LOVE: The basis of all existence The essence of our salvation The One who lives within Fills our lungs And causes us to breathe forever. -Anesii I was going to write this post yesterday, I was charged up and all but when it was time to put pen to paper, I got stuck. (Oh yea! […]

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Salvation. Not Salary.

I never really grew up with an understanding of salvation. I, for real, didn’t even know what it was until a while back, like earlier this year. And thank God for giving me the grace to understand it. It took a while but I was intentional about knowing and I hope I’m able to help […]

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Miss Me? || I Guess I'm Back.

It’s currently 6 am as I type this and I’m awake. Yes, I am! Obviously. Reasons would be further explained, maybe… So how have I been? Oh, thanks for asking. I’ve been living, basically. I haven’t posted here in a while cause of that feeling of not being good enough coupled with the fact that […]

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August Bloggary #14 [ft. Health Tip: Waist to Height Ratio]

Currently sitting in an almost empty class. Two of my course mates are to my left though but they are quite to themselves. I resumed school yesterday ☹️☹️ I really don’t want to be here and I just want to graduate really!! Argh…

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August Bloggary #12

Currently watching a cooking show and all I can think is, people can cook!!!😩 Lawrrdt! Anyhoo, Dear Bloggary, I haven’t been on here for two days because I really needed this break. I was on the road all day, two days back. Very exhausting, I assure you. Yesterday was my day of rest😂 I couldn’t […]

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