Black. Bold. Beautiful.



Black is beautiful. Black is bold.

Black is awesome. Black is brave.

Black is rich. Black is love.

Black is strong. Black is ME.

-Gabriella Igebu.


Isn’t it wonderful how all black people are just from one continent? Kinda means we’re special, yeah? Just us with that melanin pop! That glow. Those natural curls. Dunno but to me, it’s pretty amazing. We should embrace our colour more, we were made black for a reason. And we can see black people excelling in various parts of the world and even though they aren’t personally known. I guess it makes us proud. Cause we’re a family. The golden family. Don’t bleach your skin and embrace your black.




Boldness is not about being aggressive. Some people think they are but are, sorry to say, cowards. Being bold has to do with being confident with who you are. Having a high self esteem. Knowing your worth and what you stand for. Being able to express yourself with confidence and to command respect.




I have a large nose.

I have big lips.

I don’t have high cheekbones.

I don’t have a flat tummy.

The list goes on and on. But then, these aren’t sins. They are who we are. We’re all beautiful in our own way! Slim, tall, curvy, short. We’re imperfect and that’s what brings out our uniqueness.

Our imperfections are beautiful.

We all have the image of God and He made all things beautiful. He is beautiful and so are we for He is in us. Now, go out there ladies and embrace your flaws cause they are beautiful. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL.



Be black. Be bold. Be beautiful.


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9 thoughts on “Black. Bold. Beautiful.”

  1. Wow! Really, wow! This is profound. I love my skin but it took me a while to grow into it because you see, I’m big. So for years all I really saw was my big tummy, my hips, my nose, my stretch marks etc! It never occurred to me how beautiful I was until I caught a glimpse of myself through God’s eyes, He thinks I’m beautiful and that’s really all I’ve cared about since then. Thanks for this beautiful reminder. I’m black and I’m beautiful!😊

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