Book Review || Ewa Agoyin & Dodo

Title: Ewa Agoyin & Dodo

Author: Walo, The Underscore

Pages: 117

Estimated Reading Time: 90 minutes(Reading), 780 minutes(Studying)

You haven’t heard of Ewa Agoyin and Dodo? Tragic. You haven’t read Ewa Agoyin and Dodo?! Tragicer!

But don’t worry about it, I’ll give you gist on it, to get the full gist youd have to read the book. What? I tried nau lol. What do I have to say about Ewa Agoyin and Dodo? Weird name, first of all but really insightful book. Now, if youre anything like me, motivational books take a while to read because they need to be digested well. I mean, it took me like 24 hours in total to read ’Children of Blood and Bone’ and it has like 500 pages, Ewa G & Dodo (I’d be calling it that for short) is 117 pages and it didn’t take me an hour 30 minutes to read because books like that ought to be studied and not just read. Want to know the difference between studying and reading? Check here. You’re welcome.

Okurrr… what is Ewa G about? It’s a book that helps students perform better academically and interestingly, you can also apply same knowledge to other activities. Like Walo, The Underscore said in his book, he has made mistakes so you don’t have to make them. I other words, learn from his mistakes. No? Well, you can learn from yours but who doesn’t like cheat codes? 

Mentality. Time. Energy. Focus. Long ago, the four nations lived in harmony…till date! Yes, this isn’t Avatar, this is some hot beans served with sauce. These four nations, sorry, elements help to guide you through your academic life and I’ll write quick demos on them:

 Mentality: this has to do with your mind-set. You don’t expect to ace a semester if you already had the mind-set of failure, it doesn’t work that way. Garbage in, garbage out b.  Author Walo took his time to give details on how to build the right mentality. Speaking of time…
 Time: what are you doing with your time? A popular Nigerian saying is, “Time na money and ain’t that the truth? Look, there’s no time to waste time, every second in life counts and planning is the best way to be in control of your time. I talked about planning here and the author has included a lot of tips and apps for both Android and iOS devices that help in planning out your day. These also come with reminders, which tend to be very helpful but if you’re anything like me, paper quite does it lol, I mean book planners.
 Energy: The total capacity to get work done. Not Red Bull kind of energy but this has a lot to do with your mental, physical and emotional state. It’s also very interesting that time and energy are dating, I know right, shocker! Time is a paedophile!
The more time you spend on something, the less energy you use, and vice-versa.
 Focus: Uhmmmmmm…….mubalamboommm….😂🤣 Please, please, don’t take me serious there. Although, meditation helps a huge deal when you want to focus and it’s something I need to practice, thanks to the author because I wouldn’t have thought of meditating by myself. To focus, you have to be determined. A while ago, I had an argument on the difference between focus and determination, while others thought they weren’t the same, I thought one cannot exist without the other because I feel if you aren’t determined, that’s interest and you can’t focus on an interest if you aren’t determined. If you think otherwise, please feel free to drop a comment.

Asides these four major factors, there are also a lot of other stuff he touched including 50 SHADES OF DODO! With lines from a Migos song which surprisingly, sparked the idea for good amazing content. Ewa Agoyin and Dodo…a book to digest! Just as sweet as the real deal, I assure you. You can get the book here .

Some of my favourite quotes from Ewa Agoyin and Dodo are:

We’re the real technology, yet we are underdeveloped. We have the same problems as all our ancestors.

I’m telling me what to do, I am my own boss. And then I yielded.

If I have trouble falling asleep, I count from 1 to 100, even though I don’t remember ever reaching 20.

The world is where it is because people have and haven’t shared. Think about it.

The quality of work you put in uses the energy you have available, while spending enough time with an unwavering focus beam, and you have some relevant studying done. Decreasing the energy decreases the intensity of focus, and increases the time taken, and vice versa.

That’s the meaning of this Ewa Agoyin & Dodo I’m serving you. A life of creative solutions to find your happiness. The proof that you can succeed at anything, is necessary for you to live your life fully. No one will hand your happiness to you, you must fight for it.


Review by Anesii.

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