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Strict Obedience

I’m currently reading the book of Acts and one thing that has struck is the obedience of the disciples of Jesus, I’d like to refer to it as strict obedience. They were so passionate about spreading the Gospel that they didn’t care how often they were beaten. They always looked death in the face because […]

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Fasting Szn.

Hello guys! Hope you’re doing well? 2019 has been good so far and surprisingly fast, this time last year, I had only just started understanding of salvation and I’m so so grateful for growth. I also wrote about fasting but this post is from Anesi version 2.0 lol. In most churches and Christian communities, this […]

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2018 vs 2019

Heyyyyyy!! Happy new year fam bam. It’s a year of more grace, more love, more growth and order! After 4 years and 4 months of starting a blog, I now own my own domain😂 Isn’t that so amazing?2018 was a year, phew! Let me give you the gist real quick… This year, I came to […]

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Sunshine Bloggers Award!!! 💃

I’ve been nominated for the Sunshine Bloggers Award. Whoop!!! I secretly wished for this for so long and I was so surprised to get nominated, definitely elated my mood that day. Thank you so much Rageshree for this great opportunity! Check out her blog guys, she posts amazing stuff. She blogs @Rageshree So I have […]

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S S S || A Tad Bit Grey Finale

Read the first part here I decided to pay my ‘boyfriend’ a visit on a certain weekend, I had packed some clothes, underwear and my toothbrush which I was going to need for the weekend. I had spare keys to Sammy’s apartment which I used from time to time when he wasn’t at home. I […]

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S S S || A Tad Bit Grey

…Forty eight, forty nine, fifty. I counted in my head as I took the last step down the flight of stairs. Pythagoras believed everything was made up of numbers and I totally agreed with him. I counted every single thing, thirty nine steps from the dining room to my bed, twelve to the girls’ bathroom, […]

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