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Writers Appreciation Post.

You know what I love about writers? And writing, lol. We’re so many, all of different ages, races and colours. But then, no matter the story or poem, even if they mean the same thing, we all come up with different words and ideas and it’s just so beautiful how so many different posts from […]

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Through My Black Eyes…

Through my black eyes  I watch my children traded for reflections  My rich soil discovered, misused and exploited  A new voice adopted, the old ones now begging to be heard  My children are all victims  Stripped off their roots and given a new religion  Suffered for days turned years  Lips sealed, so eyes spoke  Chained […]

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Black. Bold. Beautiful.

  BLACK. Black is beautiful. Black is bold. Black is awesome. Black is brave. Black is rich. Black is love. Black is strong. Black is ME. -Gabriella Igebu. Isn’t it wonderful how all black people are just from one continent? Kinda means we’re special, yeah? Just us with that melanin pop! That glow. Those natural […]

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