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August Bloggary #2

Dear Bloggary, Today was one of the lazy days in my life. I literally stayed in bed all day long! After waking up, I prayed and just continued staying in bed. This wasn’t on purpose anyway, my tummy was hurting for reasons best known to it. Thankfully, it doesn’t hurt anymore. I was supposed to […]

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August Bloggary #1

Dear Bloggary, Today was a day! I woke up by 6.30 and tossed around till 7 am, all this time I was replying text messages from a friend. I then wrote a letter to God and began to prepare for work. Btw, I’m better at handling the sewing mahine now; in case you didn’t know, […]

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I Miss You

Hello everyone! Hope you’ve all been good? I really miss everyone here on WordPress, I’ve been so busy lately. Butttttt I have something really nice planned for August. It’s going to be like a gratitude journal month~ #AugustGracious. Or maybe I should come up with another name? Suggestions? Well, I’m excited about it guys, you’ll […]

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Hello. How're you?

Hi Everyone! I trust you’re having a great day/evening and even a better week. I’ve been so busy lately, your girl’s learning to be a tailor 😂 That’s just before I resume my 4th year in August. My previous semester was amazing btw. All shades of amazinggg. So just to catch up, I would love […]

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Sunshine Bloggers Award!!! 💃

I’ve been nominated for the Sunshine Bloggers Award. Whoop!!! I secretly wished for this for so long and I was so surprised to get nominated, definitely elated my mood that day. Thank you so much Rageshree for this great opportunity! Check out her blog guys, she posts amazing stuff. She blogs @Rageshree So I have […]

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My Market Experience

It’s been a while I posted something under the Plog category. Plog means Personal Blog where I share some personal experiences. Here is one, read and enjoy!😁😁😭 Yesterday, I went to the market. And this time, not with mummy. It was the first time going to get foodstuff without her and I learnt two lessons, […]

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