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Fasting Szn.

Hello guys! Hope youโ€™re doing well? 2019 has been good so far and surprisingly fast, this time last year, I had only just started understanding of salvation and Iโ€™m so so grateful for growth. I also wrote about fasting but this post is from Anesi version 2.0 lol. In most churches and Christian communities, this […]

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Sunshine Bloggers Award!!! ๐Ÿ’ƒ

I’ve been nominated for the Sunshine Bloggers Award. Whoop!!! I secretly wished for this for so long and I was so surprised to get nominated, definitely elated my mood that day. Thank you so much Rageshree for this great opportunity! Check out her blog guys, she posts amazing stuff. She blogs @Rageshree So I have […]

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Thursty Thursday || How To Plan Your Day Effectively

Hello! How’s your week going? Awesome, I guess. Mine is just there, nothing interesting. My day basically feels wasted when I have nothing planned and that is exactly how everyday of this week have felt at some moments. This post is to teach you how to plan your day so you could smile at the […]

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Inner Circle

Lately, I’ve been listening to messages from Pastor Michael Todd of Transformation Church and boy, are they amazing! Sound doctrine all over and he preaches really well, in my opinion. One series I was engaged in is titled ‘Inner Circle’. It contains three messages and if you can lay your hands on them, you should […]

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Book Review || Dating Intelligently

My fingers have been itchinggggg to talk about this book and I’ll even go an extra mile to discuss it in a live video on my Instagram (@anesiigebu) tomorrow. Stay tuned! This book had me screaming ‘Yassss’ in my head as I read it, I agreed with it on so many levels and I learned […]

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Book Review || Becoming a Spectacular Woman

This is coming in rather too late, I read this in March but better late than never, yes? So yea, this book is simply amazingggg. Every word, every sentence, every page. It helped me a lot when I was struggling with letting go and letting God. It spoke to me, God was basically teaching me […]

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The Truth About You: Secret to Success (February Read)

We all know the word “success” and have probably had a thousand tips on how to journey through its road. This book by Marcus Buckingham opened my eyes to a lot of things and is so easy to understand. It comes with a CD and a rememo pad (I’ll talk about it later on) which […]

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