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#FeatureFebruary || Salvary by Joseph Boyle

Image from Allow me be sad, let me revel in my misery. For out of it has my most, treasurable moments, memorable comments, and settling thoughts. not now, i’ve found a home here. Allow me be sad, Let me revel in my misery. For out of it are my wildest smiles, longest walks, and […]

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Look Up, My Child

There are days when I feel like None of it is worth it. Why hope when everything is in shambles? Why trust when it seems I already failed? Why smile when darkness seems to win? Those days Are the days you speak in my heart, Loud enough, it makes every other thought fade ‘Look up, […]

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My Baby's Baby

Her large eyes I adore I’ve never seen anything cuter or prettier or more beautiful  Her little arms and little feet And her skin so smooth with that fragrance I could hold her for days She has my heart She is my everything  But before her comes her mother  My world My baby.

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