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Knowing Him and making Him known…

Category: POETRY

Through My Black Eyes…

Through my black eyes  I watch my children traded for reflections  My rich soil discovered, misused and exploited  A new voice adopted, the old ones now begging to be heard  My children are all victims  Stripped off their roots and given a new religion  Suffered for days turned years  Lips sealed, so eyes spoke  Chained […]

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Our similarities differ us from everyone else Our thoughts intertwined, fighting the same demons together, We became parabatai, bound by her beauty, Swore to take my life if she leaves me into this cruel earth alone. I’ll rather walk the ends of the earth and listen to the devil’s whisper, to hear her speak. Her […]

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The Addict.

I was little. I was afraid. I knew nothing. I needed love. I never knew what that meant. I never got the attention I deserved. Play stations, shoes, clothes, toys, gadgets. But those never gave me the happiness I truly longed for. I grew into adolescence. I made friends. Friends who helped destroy me. They […]

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To The Love of My Life…

Sometimes I wish I had the sands of time. To have you around, Alive and sound. The years gone by, Oh! How time flies. And now it’s a decade So sad to know you’re now decayed. I miss you, love you, cherish and adore you. My ‘is’ now ‘was’, but us still us. ‘My mummy’, […]

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