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Hey guys, I’m Francess Oyelade. Ill be talking to you about depression. A lot of people, especially the part of the world that I live in, say a young person cannot be depressed because we haven’t experienced life enough to be depressed. Now, depression comes in different ways, in fact, I’ll say depression is built not walked into. It builds, from the words used to the way of living, the personal experiences you can’t share with anyone or you are ashamed of. It builds up, it keeps building. You may wonder how I know about this, well, I’ve been there before. I was suicidal, I was a harm to myself. Depression built and built till it had walls around it. Religion has made it a way of saying no “Christian” can ever be depressed like we live on cloud 9 or something but it’s not true. This saying has caused many to hide when they feel less of themselves. 

Depression can happen to anyone, it has no age grade, no occupation specifics, etc. Anyone can be depressed, especially youths, we are in school, we struggle with grades, we want to please our parents and we want to fit in, a lot happen to us. That’s how it starts to build. Depression is a world of its own. It can be caused by anything at all. 

Ill tell you my story. My depression started building in October last year, my parents came to see me in school and I had an issue to sort out, they didn’t listen to my side of the story, but rather believed the school official, I felt betrayed. I got grounded for an offence I didn’t commit. I started to feel less of myself, like I wasn’t enough. My father looked at me and said I had never made him proud before, ladies and gentlemen, I cried for days. In the library, my chapel, on mybed, I kept crying, I felt less and less of myself. Then I needed to get a placement for my internship, another trouble, my parents screamed. I wanted the ground to swallow me every time. Depression built.

I was in a relationship too at that time, I told my man I was feeling depressed, he didn’t do anything about it. I was giving up, no one to talk to. The thing about depression is that it lets you believe no one cares or understands. So I stayed alone. I remember waking up every morning crying under my blanket, also because it was cold at that time (it was in December). I would cry till my sisters woke up and I’ll pretend like nothing happened. You may ask, “Is that why you were depressed?” Well, yes. Feeling worthless is the worst feeling in this life. I couldn’t pray, I felt disappointed and unworthy. I became a prey for depression. I tried to help myself by taking a depression test, it said I had mild depression. I gave up on everything, I was ready to end it all. But grace found me. God used my best friend to set me free and break down the walls. He talked me out of it. 

If there is one thing I know, depressed people don’t want to hear “You’ll be alright”, “You’ll pull through”. You see all those verses in the bible that talk about love and helping others, its time to ACT ON IT. All those times you say, you want to love like Jesus, it’s the time to act on it, show that love, don’t tell them it’ll pass, show the love, and expressGod’s love and grace. Pray WITH, not just for a depressed person. As much as they don’t like it, keep checking up on them. See, if you’re a good friend that means well and wants the best for your friend, tell their parents, call the suicidal hotline. Its shocking what goes on in the mind of a depressed person. Don’t just be using social media to communicate, go to their houses, tell their trusted adult. You can’t be quiet at all, people are dying every day because of this. 

If you’re depressed, I know it’s hard, but tell someone you know can help you. Depression sucks but never attempt suicide, please. Spend time around people, don’t be alone, I know you don’t want to, but please do. Spend time praying, it helps, even if its just “God help me”, just pray, saysomething. Have good friends, they help too, and also music. One song that pulled me through was ‘Everything’ by Lauren Daigle. If you’re feeling low and not sure if its depression, you can take a depression test. 

Depression can go a really long way. It can lead to so many things. If anyone speaks to you about depression or is acting stranger than normal, please help. I hope this article was helpful and useful. 

Love, Francess.

Francess blogs at Francess Oyelade. Her birthday is tomorrow also💃🏽💃🏽

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  1. So early in your post you said that religion or Christian think you can’t be depress, or something like that, but that is so wrong, because there were quite a few people in the bible that were depress or had some type of mental issues. Even when you read the Psalms David was depressed, Elijah was depressed, Saul was psychotic or something like it. Then you had the Jonah who I think also suffered a bout with depression. You had the demon possess and Nebuchadnezzar–who after he turned and acknowledged god, the Bible says he was in his right mind again. Apart from the medical side of depression whatever it may be, I think a big part of it is actually spiritual warfare—a battle between good and evil, with the enemy manipulating our mind. He has the power to do so, but God is stronger. God and His goodness can prevail.

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