Months with 31 days are too long sha πŸ™„ and I don’t like them πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™€οΈ January has proven to be the longest but the one this year isn’t so long, hope this opinion isn’t personal…
Anyhoo….the point isn’t about days or months of the year🌚 don’t mind me. So this January, I joined in the 21 days prayer and fasting in school and it’s actually a good way to start the year (I was actually so nonchalant about the year, it taught me a lot and I’m also quite determined now about my set goals, I see myself checking all the boxes with the help of God.
Let me start by saying, fasting was never really my thing. The first time I ever decided to fast, I lasted just the first day and that’s because I eventually forgot, I basically wasn’t intentional. This year has basically been an eye opener for me though, I knew I wasn’t strong enough and I wasn’t getting any younger and all in all, I needed to grow so I gave it my present all. I know there are people like the old me and so I’m willing to share the little knowledge I have of fasting now and I hope it helps.
So…Let’s move from appetizer to the main dish…πŸ‘€

What is Fasting?

In my own words, fasting is a time of personal reflection and bonding with God, your Creator. It’s a time when we restrain from earthly things that give us pleasure, be it food; social media; movies or whatsoever, and use that time to actually connect with God and build a deeper intimacy with Him. During this period, we’re to talk to God every chance we get, live out His Spirit and be conscious of Him in all we do. It’s not just a period of starving yourself because we have to engage our inner man; pray. Prayer is basically talking to God, so we talk to Him and worship Him because He’s just too good 😒
Fasting could take a day, three, seven, any number, it all depends on your capability. It could be dry fasting (no food, water or juices) or just fasting from foods, of which you could take water and natural juices. It could be a Daniel fast which entails taking fruits and vegetables and water, basically healthy stuff. Or fasting on a particular fruit or fruits. There are actually a lot to this, but the main point is that we cling to Him and grow our spirits.
I really hope this helps someone out there.β™₯️
PS: I should post more often😊

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