Fri-Nay! (Officially the worst Friday in the history of Fridays)

Five songs later, I got to my dorm room after a really long walk.
Don’t you just looove Fridays? Lol. Not so much for me cause as much as I try to be positive, this semester is really crazy and my Fridays are messed up. Today wasn’t an exception,in fact, it’s been the most annoying so far.
Let me give you the gist of how my day went…
I woke by 7.33 for my 8 am class, I really don’t know how I did it but I was in class by 10 minutes past 8. Whew! Lucky me, right? So the day strolled along with my boring classes along side it and I could finally eat. Finally😩😩 by three o’clock in the afternoon, but there was no change at the shopping mall and I couldn’t get anything so I left out of annoyance. Sad story is that I sha went back to the same shopping mall after my jagaban and used the POS. My 65 naira 😭😭😭 I then successfully annoyed my friend by insulting his lack of beards. I got a silent treatment as my reward, it still cracks me up though (sorry you🌚)
I still had a class though, by 5 pm. So I went to class with my masculine laptop and all the other baggage I took with me (my arms are fr getting toned🙂🙁☹️). After partaking in a quite silly classwork, Mr. Lecturer decides not to acknowledge it and those of some others, which was totally not fair cause it was obvious that whatever he thought he was doing, was on purpose. I get pissed off really quick, it’s a bad habit, I know, and I’m trying to stop but I’ve just been really off since. Hopefully, the chicken and chips I got and the movie I just paused to type this makes me feel better. Sighhhhh….
And hopefully, other Fridays aren’t as terrible as this.
Sending all the love I can muster to you. Have an amazing weekend!
P.S: Proverbs 31 Woman Conference comes up tomorrow and next (24th and 25th of February, 2018) at Covenant University, Cafe 2, Hall 3. Come if you can, especially if you’re in Covenant University and environs. It’s gonna be my first time but my spirit says it’s going to be awesommmmeee!!! It’ll be nice if you make it. Extra love toppings on top my love 🌚🍨🍰
P.S.S: Plog means Personal Blog. Basically about my personal experiences. Expect more posts likethis. Lol

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