Good Men Still Exist

This isn’t the time when I tell you about all the good men I’ve met in my life and why men aren’t actually scum and all that lol. In general, I’m not here to give relationship advice, I mean… pfft! I’m a single pringle.
This is a story of two good men I met one day, the first day I actually experienced the Lagos hustle. Thankfully, there was no traffic that day, I would have died lol. So here it goes, after school vacation, I stayed back in Lagos for some days and a day before going back to the ancient city, I decided to go submit my IT application letter and resume to a company. I left the house around 10 am that morning, along with my friend/sister. She worked there previously and knows her way around Lagos, so, what better option? Besides, I was staying at her place. We left the house and got on a bus going to Oshodi ‘under bridge’, as we were supposed to meet up with someone there but we took a lot of time so she went on without us. Now, this wasn’t a familiar route so we had to ask for directions to get a bus to take us to Obalende. We got into this miniature bus and I sat beside this big man who thought it best to use my back as his arm rest whilst I rest my head on the iron rod which was in front of me. Finally, our journey began and we suddenly approached 3MB( 3rd Mainland Bridge), the cars were A LOT and it was so long, I felt my eyes burning from trying to figure out where it ended from the beginning of the bridge. Definitely not my first time on the bridge but it’s not a route I normally take while in Lagos and for some reason, I just didn’t feel comfortable at that time. The most dreaded thing happened that day, the bus just stopped. No movement. In the middle of 3MB, like the actual middle. I was still wondering what was happening when everyone came down, it actually seemed normal to them. People were saying, ‘I sure say na fuel. Oga check.’ And the driver was really trying to start his vehicle like he didn’t know it was devoid of fuel before we started the journey. Smh. I hope the two hundred and fifty naira we all paid for quarter of a journey was worth it.

So there I was, standing on the bridge with water around me, waiting for Yemoja to surface lmao. But no Yemoja, just cars passing and the bridge shaking under my feet. I started to think of Final Destination 6. Suddenly, my friend grabbed my hand and I found myself running. A car had stopped to pick up some of the stranded passengers, isn’t this Jesus? We got in but we were one too many and no, nobody got down, I sat on the laps of my dearly beloved sister lol. This good Samaritan dropped all of us at where we wanted to stop and even took us as far as Eko roundabout. While we drove, I kept thinking if I’d have done the same. I mean, this man didn’t seem like he was a Christian, given the notion that he is Hausa and most of them are Muslims but I wouldn’t actually know. If only a lot of people were like him, showing love to their neighbours. It made me want to do more for others even when it isn’t convenient.
Another guy helped us out again. We were going to take a Keke Napep to our destination and the driver wanted to charge us a hundred naira instead of fifty. I’d have gotten in if I was alone cause I obviously don’t know my way around but my sister wasn’t giving in to that. So we told him to kindly be on his way but he stopped and told us to get in. We later found out that a passenger had suggested that and paid for us without even saying anything to us. Perplexed we were. I smiled as I said, ‘At least, our 250 did not waste nau.’
These two men offered help to strangers without asking for anything in return, they just did what they did out of love. It can only be love. Agape. This is the love I want to learn every day, the one I want to grow in, the one I want to give, the one I know I am.
With this, I hope I am able to convince you and not confuse you that good men still exist. Ciao!
PS: How’s your December going? Christmas is near guys! How’s it gonna be for you? The #FerdyMerryChristmas is currently going on on Twitter. Who knows? Santa Claus might just be on your TL. I know I’ve seen mine.
Remember, I love you and God loves you so much more.

A little picture of me to say I love you. And I cut my hair lol. Not trimmed. Cut.

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  1. Nice story . Something similar happened to me yesterday too, a Muslim guy that lives in my estate took me from home to Mile 2 and also gave me 2k in the process. There are good people out there.

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