Our similarities differ us from everyone else
Our thoughts intertwined, fighting the same demons together,
We became parabatai, bound by her beauty,
Swore to take my life if she leaves me into this cruel earth alone.
I’ll rather walk the ends of the earth and listen to the devil’s whisper, to hear her speak.
Her flair for arts moves my thoughts to an upper echelon.
Obviously not good for me, she’s the devil in a dress,
And I’m surprisingly the angel.
Together fighting the nephilim that we half despise,
I feel we saw in a past life,
Reincarnating just to see her.
Thoughts are no longer vague,
She put a bullet to my alexithymia.
Do not mind the fancy words, she cannot be envisioned with everyday normal words.
The thoughts of me losing her unbearable.
But I deal with the pain with a thought,

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