How Was 2017?

It’s exactly 12 days till the year is over and that’s it, 2017 is gone… forever! 😊
Looking back at the year, how was it spent? Me first…
So I got into 2017 with a ‘meh’ attitude, whatever happens happens. C’est la vie, right? So I was just surfing through 🏄surfing through🏄surfing through🏄 and gbam! Something really good happened, I finally decided to become a ‘Christian’ after a lot of postponing. Need I say I regret it? No, never. It was a great turn for me and I’m still working on it.
Moving on… at some point this year, I lost some friends and know what I did? I threw my hat in the air, life goes on. But what’s meant to stay stays, yea? 😏 It was really eye – opening for me though. This year, I have done things I would never had imagined, things I thought I was too cool for. Smh. This life is truly beautiful. I have danced and sang and shouted and  laughed and smiled and the thing which gives me joy, I have put smiles on people’s faces. I have had interesting conversations which left me uplifted and having inner joy. I have spoken to people about Jesus without caring if they said I was ‘holy holy’. I have made decisions, both right and wrong and learnt from my mistakes. I have given, even not as much as I have received and it’s a happy feeling, knowing you have something to make another happy. I have learned to voice out my opinions, which was quite hard for me a while ago. It’s a ‘say it now or hold your peace for sometime’ type o’ thing 😅 
In all, 2017 has been interesting, no regrets whatsoever and 2018 is going to be better. I’m pretty sure of that! 
How was your 2017? Comment below👇 I’d like to know. Rhymes again, I’m too cool 😎
-Anesii ❤ 

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14 thoughts on “How Was 2017?”

  1. 2017 was a good year
    I learnt alot
    I saw alot
    And I made my best decision this year
    Since then tho,smiles all the way 😁
    Gaga👀 keep changing lives oo
    Do i Need to say I’m proud of you ?

  2. It was an awesome year ,it was really nice. Feeling God’s presence everywhere and everyday. It was really awesome.

  3. 2017 was a nice year. I learnt a lot. It was full of surprises tho but we thank God for everything. More grease to your elbows gabby💕💕…Your write-ups are nice.

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