I N S E C U R I T I E S [ 1 ]

That’s how I’m throwing all insecurities away. Into milk…or whatever that is😅 (milk,cause I’m too cool)
Everyone has had insecurities one way or the other, maybe not everyone, but I’d like to think so🤷🏽‍♀️ I’ve had my own share even when I tell myself I don’t. I’ve actually never given anybody the chance to bring me down, so I’d look good enough for nobody to see a wrong. But that’s it, trying to cover up something cause of what people think is also being insecure. Let me tell you a story about my beautiful feet…

People have called my feet all sort of names.
Sausage toes. Wide. Ugly. Yellow😅. Fat.
I also got to know I had weird nails that grew upward. Lol. But I have come to accept them and love them and show them off. Cause no matter what, they’re not gonna change or go on a diet. I treat them with love, I can not stand dirty toenails; I always look out for them. I’m not creepy, no worries 🌚
So I’ll wear those peep toe shoes, polish these gorgeous nails and keep them clean all day, e’erday.

Remember that no one, absolutely no one, could ever be you-er that YOU, darling.

Have a nice weekend. Be awesome, be amazing, be you and rock those flaws!

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