Lagos Issa Drug

Believe me when I say Lagos is a drug. I was completelyknocked out today.

I’m presently in Lagos for the next 6 months for myundergraduate internship, I arrived 2 days back and I haven’t still gotten ajob. I keep sending mails but hardly get any responses except a few, like just2 have replied me so far. Sad.

 So today, I went job hunting on the island and I currently live on the mainland. If you’re in Lagos, you’d know this struggle is not beans. I left my house before 8 am today and I went to apply in 8 different companies, no I’m not mistaken, 8! Although, some were in the same building but that doesn’t change the number. Some said they don’t take interns and others had already recruited so they didn’t have space, some were nice to take our CVs and said they’d get back to us but we really know what happens when people say they’d get back, right? I’m really hoping that they do though. In all the disappointments and long walks sha, I don’t think I actually lost hope that I’d get a job this week. You know why? My faith is tenacious. Yassss! That was the teaching in church yesterday, no matter what happens, my faith doesn’t waver and it’s not just by mouth but by conscious efforts to build it. No matter how tired I get. You could guess that after all I went through today-mind you, I hadn’t eaten while doing all these-I’d be very tired and yes, I am fatigued but that wouldn’t stop me from putting work on the blog because as much as I want to grow, I want every reader to grow also. Tomorrow, I’d expand more on TENACIOUS FAITH but for now, I’d have to get back to the day’s work so it doesn’t push into tomorrow. That includes The Selah Bible Study and Pinky Promise Journal Challenge. You could totally join in if you want. Till tomorrow then.

Don’t forget, I love you and God is so crazy in love with you.



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