Mary Amaka 

She wasn’t like the rest of them.
Always went to church
With that particular green skirt that swept the crooked roads as she walked by
Or was it the black one with yellow flower prints?
In her hand, she held a black book
When asked, she would tell us,
”It’s the goose-pel, Father say it’s one man in the sky that write it.”
She obviously wasn’t like the rest of them cause they made fun of her
‘Oyinbo pepper, yellow paw-paw, slap me I change colour’
They would chant after her when she came out to play 
Soon, the rhythm was changed as they danced to a different song behind her
Making fun of her faith.
She then made it to the city, making her peers jealous 
But she came home after some years with a belly bump
And the girls went around saying, ‘Mary Amaka don get belle.’

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