Miss Me? || I Guess I'm Back.

It’s currently 6 am as I type this and I’m awake. Yes, I am! Obviously. Reasons would be further explained, maybe…
So how have I been? Oh, thanks for asking. I’ve been living, basically. I haven’t posted here in a while cause of that feeling of not being good enough coupled with the fact that I really didn’t have content tbh. People would ask, ‘Ehehn! So how far your blog?’ And I’ll just be like, ‘Abeg, I’ll deal with that later’ or ‘I don’t have time.’ But I don’t really have a choice even though the good Lord gives us freewill. Ever since I knew what I was specifically going to be blogging about, I knew He would give me the strength and creativity for it, even when I feel otherwise sometimes.
So what’s been up with me? My plate is quite full lol. Coupled with the fact that two of my best friends were giving me “space” at a certain time, I was really lagging behind in prayers and Bible study and I didn’t like it, I wanted more but this laziness factor found it’s way again. Sigh. I was only praying and studying like once or twice and it wasn’t even serious prayers. I’ll probably just say a few words and read a chapter of a Bible book with sleepy eyes. I only got to pray and have Bible study twice a week with brethren, of which I intentionally came late for sometimes or I didn’t just feel like praying altogether. I really did not like where this was going so I made a conscious effort but it still wasn’t good enough. I clocked 20 on the 28th of September 💃🏽 My birthday was awesome! The love, care, prayers… love!!! And I basically had my first direct word (of knowledge), that I was to prepare very hard for the things ahead. Phew! Boy, was this not a tough one! But I’m not going to give up regardless. So I got me a mentor and also decided to start praying consciously. I currently now pray three times a week with a few friends for a minimum of one hour at night and the Lord has been using us to bless each other, we pray, worship, edify and encourage each other. Some things we’ve been really hammering on are, growth and the grace to love unconditionally. With the help of God, we’ll keep pushing because these two are very intentional and require discomfort at certain times but that’s where the sweet grace of God comes in. I begin my second tests this week and I haven’t gotten proper rest. I’ll keep praying for strength and courage. I’ll most likely hit the publish button after I wake up from this sleep I’m about to embark on😂
How have you guys been though? New here? You’re welcome! I love you guys❣️

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