Monday (a)Muse || A Guy Named Jesus

‘I’m so excited, Freda,’ Charlotte said.
‘And why is that? Win a lottery?’
‘No, silly!’ Charlotte blushed like a little girl who just got some cotton candy. ‘I am in love. It’s official’
‘So who is this unlucky guy?’ Freda asked.
Charlotte giggled. ‘He’s not unlucky. In fact, I’m the one who’s lucky to be in love with Him. His name is Jesus. May I introduce you to Him?’
Freda was quite surprised and after a second thought, ‘I wouldn’t mind, especially if it would make me as happy as you are.’
Hey guys! Sorry I’ve been off for a while, I am here now! And I have a couple of stuff I’m going to share with you guys, short stories included. I’m excited! Are you? ๐Ÿ˜†

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