My Market Experience

It’s been a while I posted something under the Plog category. Plog means Personal Blog where I share some personal experiences. Here is one, read and enjoy!😁😁😭
Yesterday, I went to the market. And this time, not with mummy. It was the first time going to get foodstuff without her and I learnt two lessons, but before I tell you those lessons, I’ll tell you what happened.
So I left the house around 10 am, got to the market place and the search for where to buy what I had on the list began. Mind you, I was with my cousin, she just strolled into the market and I followed behind thinking she knew exactly where she was going.
‘Where are we going?’
‘We’re just walking na. I don’t know where they sell groundnut and the place where I buy meat, the woman isn’t around.’
I hissed. Mschew. ‘See the way you were nau walking like you had an exact place we were going to.’
We paused and right in front of us was a woman selling stock fish! Yes! I could just buy what I needed. One of them actually. I asked if she had dry fish, she said yes then went ahead to attend to an older customer who came after me. Nigeria, smh. Anyway, I waited. Then she finally answered me after what seemed like fifteen minutes and I’m now regretting why I didn’t walk away in those what seemed like fifteen minutes. She brought out tiny dry fish and I said I didn’t like those then she got big ones and said that was all she had. Mind you, these fishes weren’t on display o. I asked her where I could find groundnut and she went ahead to say she had some. I was busy thanking God I could get all I needed in one particular place 😭
The groundnuts were quite tiny though so I asked for jara and she said groundnut was expensive and the woman she got from kept reducing it. She even went ahead to add ‘I be old woman na, why I go dey lie for you?‘ Word of advice, if you ever hear that in a Nigerian market, runnnnnn πŸ˜₯ Let me continue my story, as she was saying all these things, my cousin tapped me and used her eyes to tell me to look at the other seller’s groundnut πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ (talking with eyes is a thing, right?) I looked and lo and behold, they were bigger and fresher, then I told my cousin to ask the price. The same fifty naira!! I then told the woman I didn’t want again and she started looking sad so I said I was going to get three bags from her and I got two from the other lady. All that was left was meat and it was directly behind me. I was so relieved. Sharp sharp I was done in the market. It wasn’t so bad, I thought. I got home and went straight to lie down while my cousin was washing the meat and fish in the kitchen as she was to cook that day. Next thing, she comes running to me, ‘Anesi, that fish we bought, there’s worm inside.’
I got up quickly, ‘Ehn?! Which one?’
‘The dry fish.’
Tears welled up in my spiritual eyes. I was so sad. We bought bad fish from an old woman who had no cause to lie or cheat us. The stock fish too had a funny taste. My groundnut soup was ruined 😭😭😭 I didnt use the dry fish btw, ew!
Lessons Learnt:

  1. Never buy anything that isn’t displayed. Never!
  2. When an old market woman tells you she has no reason to lie. RUN! She has many years of lying experience. Okay, maybe that’s too deep but I’m seriously pained. 😒😒

PS: I got nominated for the Sunshine Bloggers Award. I feel really honoured. And I was just wishing for it secretly, prayers answered! Thank you Father❀
Have you had any bad market experiences or any heartbreaking ones? Tell me about them in the comment section. πŸ‘‡
Till next time (which is tomorrow btw🌚),

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8 thoughts on “My Market Experience”

  1. LMAO!!! “I be old woman, why i go lie you”. That cracked me up!!!
    My market experience is as bad as yours though, I was trying to buy a shoe on display in the market and I didn’t notice that the wood in front of the shop was not firm, so I took a step to have a closer look at the shoe, that’s how the wood broke and I fell into the gutter- Yes! Kaduna gutter, with all the greens and what not. I can’t narrate my trauma from the stench I carried that day talk less of the public disgrace. Chai!
    Never step on wood in the market yo! And run away from old ladies that claim they don’t lie. LOL

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