My Mini Lagos Adventure 

The title may make it seem like I haven’t been to Lagos before but nah, Lagos is like my second home… I guess 😅
Anyway, after the semester, I stayed back in school for shiloh #MyNewDawn, it was amazinggg! That’s story for another day though. So back to my Lagos adventure… on Monday evening, I got on a bike. Yasss!  Okay, it’s not my first time but where I live, the ancient city of Benin, bikes have been banned for some years now so it’s just keke napeps  (tricycles) and buses. So yea, I got on a bike and went to fix my nails. It took a while before I decided what colour I wanted but I was definitely sure of the shape and length, not so short and I don’t know the name of the shape though lol but not something awkward. For the colour, I wanted to take a bold step so I went for bold and basic grey. It turned out well though, I also wanted drama so I put some pink glitters on my middle fingers and silver sparkles on what many call the ‘wedding ring fingers’ so yea, you have it….

I also made a new friend, his name is Bobby. I’ve actually never been so close to a dog or any animal, I mean close in contact though. He’s actually a nice dog and loves when I stroke his chin. Probably every dog loves that lol. I couldn’t get a picture but he’s really cute. 
I head home tomorrow morning, bye Lagos! 😢
More content coming soon… stay tuned.
Anesii ❤ 

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