Anesi Igebu

Knowing Him and making Him known…

The Addict.

I was little. I was afraid. I knew nothing. I needed love. I never knew what that meant. I never got the attention I deserved. Play stations, shoes, clothes, toys, gadgets. But those never gave me the happiness I truly longed for. I grew into adolescence. I made friends. Friends who helped destroy me. They […]

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Black. Bold. Beautiful.

  BLACK. Black is beautiful. Black is bold. Black is awesome. Black is brave. Black is rich. Black is love. Black is strong. Black is ME. -Gabriella Igebu. Isn’t it wonderful how all black people are just from one continent? Kinda means we’re special, yeah? Just us with that melanin pop! That glow. Those natural […]

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To The Love of My Life…

Sometimes I wish I had the sands of time. To have you around, Alive and sound. The years gone by, Oh! How time flies. And now it’s a decade So sad to know you’re now decayed. I miss you, love you, cherish and adore you. My ‘is’ now ‘was’, but us still us. ‘My mummy’, […]

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