Saved. (Part 1)

My name is Efua. I’m from Southern Nigeria and my name means “Light”. I was in darkness for so long though. This is my story.
Twelve years ago……
           Dad gets married to a new woman. She seems nice. She is good to me and my older brother, Oshoke.
           Mum died some few weeks after I was born so I grew up with my dad and brother until Dad started seeing my new mum a year ago. Her name is Ekwitos but my dad calls her Ekwi.
           How come she’s so nice to me? Even the Disney Princesses had wicked step – mothers. This can’t be a fairytale.
Fast forward…….Present day…….
            ‘ Oshoke is finally getting married to his true love ‘, I thought. ‘ Good luck to them. She’s so beautiful. ‘
              I look up and see my dad walking towards me. I’m sitting alone at a table, left side of the reception hall, drinking alcohol. He pulls a seat across from me and sits down.
              ‘ Efua, it’s almost your turn o. When would I see him ehn? ‘, he asked.
              ‘ Daddy, I’m not interested in men now. ‘
              ‘ What are you now interested in?  Women? ‘, he laughed.
I was silent.
               ‘ Oh! You won’t answer. When you’re ready, bring him home. I’m getting old. ‘
He stood up and went to join his group of friends.
That night was terrible, it was so hot. Not because of the heat of course, the air conditioner was on and at a low temperature. I was having a nightmare. How it first happened. How it all started.

           I hope you like it. ☺☺ Tell me what you think.

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  1. Someone should have died.
    Lol upload the next part fast fast. 👏👏

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