Saved. (Part 2)

My new mum was a housewife, my dad didn’t want her working. It was one year into their marriage already. He loved her so much and she loved me too much. That July morning, Dad had gone to work. Oshoke was in school, he was a boarder at King’s College.
 I was in my room, lying on my bed. I had my headphones on so I didn’t hear when she knocked, just saw her open the door and walk in. I quickly removed my headphones.
 ‘Good morning, mum.’
 ‘Morning dear, how are you?’, she asked, as she sat on my bed.
 ‘I’m fine’, I replied.
 ‘Are you sure? You don’t look well.’ Her left hand was caressing my left thigh now.
 I frowned. ‘Yes, I’m fine.”
 ‘I care about you so much, Efua. And I love you – as a mother. You know you’re a beautiful girl.’
 ‘Thank you ma.’
 There was a brief silence. She looked at me and said, ‘I want to teach you something, Efua.’
 ‘What’s that?’, I asked.
 She chuckled. ‘You’ll like it, don’t worry.’
 ”You’ll like it.” Those were the words she used. The words I hated her for. She lied to me because I do not like it but I can’t help myself. It just gives me satisfaction.
 I woke up with a headache.  First thought, ‘Where are my pills?’ I searched my cupboard beside my bed and found them I took two tablets of Panadol Extra and chewed them.  Bitter? No. I was used to the taste. I got up and went to the kitchen to have breakfast.
 It was Sunday, the day after Oshoke’s wedding. My dad had gone to church for the thanksgiving at Divine Mercy. I almost never went to church, just on Christmas day and New Year’s eve. I had to go this Sunday because it was Oshoke but then I’d be late.
 I quickly got dressed and left the house. I got to church just in time for the thanksgiving. Perfect. I got in the line, said hello to everyone and anyone and we danced our way to the altar. All family members and friends sat together with our white laced native and purple gele for the women. The men weren’t supposed to put on their caps in church.
 I was the first person on my pew and just happened to sit beside a guy. Then, he’d want to talk to me. Oh, how much I hated guys. Shocker! He didn’t utter a word to me till the mass was over. This was indeed a miracle. A blessing.
 I went to meet my brother and his new wife, Ifueko. She looked so beautiful again today. She always looked beautiful. We were chatting when he came over, the guy who sat beside me.
 ‘Okay, he still has the intention of speaking to me.’
 I recognised him from the day before, he was one of the groomsmen.
 He whispered something in Oshoke’s ear and he gave him a car key.
 Oshoke nodded and smiled. ‘Oh! Ikechukwu, meet my baby sister, Efua. Even though she doesn’t like me calling her baby.’
 Ifueko laughed.
 ‘Hi’, he smiled and stretched out his hand.
 I shook it. ‘Hi.’
 This was my new beginning.
Hey guys, sorry I haven’t posted in a while. I’ve been busy with other stuff and this too😁 I hope you like it. ☺
Anesii 💋

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