Saved. (Part 3)

Hey guys, sorry for the wait. Y’all be so patient :'( Apparently, I had some serious writer’s block. But now……I’m back back back. Back again gain gain💃💃 And this has been my longest writing so far 😩😩 Things I do for love. #bloglove. Lol. Don’t mind me. Read on. Hope you like it😘
‘I’m Ikechukwu.’ He said, smiling.
‘My brother said so.’
‘Okay. So I’ll see you later?’
I was so not interested in this conversation. I just wanted to go home to my lovely bed. I was still thinking of my soft bed and turquoise sheets and didn’t notice when a girl, who could be my age mate, stood beside Ikechukwu, smiling and talking to my brother.
‘Who is she? She’s so gorgeous.’ I thought.
‘Oh! Efua, this is my sister, Nonye. Nonye, meet Efua. She’s Oshoke’s younger sister.’
‘Hi’, she greeted, smiling. Her smile was so contagious. Her teeth so white and perfect.
‘Hi’, I grinned.
‘She doesn’t talk much,’ Ik said to his sister.
‘Oh wow!’, she didn’t really seem surprised. She turned to Oshoke, ‘I’ll be leaving now, I have stuff to do.’
She was in my head now. It was crazy. I needed to talk to her. This was so stupid of me but….. I wanted to marry her. Ha ha.
I suddenly smiled at Ik. ‘Can I get your number? I’d love to talk more but I’m going home now. I’m so tired.’
He seemed excited to give me his phone number. I had to force a smile to get it. It was for Nonye after all .
Ik and I kept talking on Whatsapp and called each other.  He was a fun person so I thought I’d forgive him for being a male specie. One day, he asked me out on a date which I agreed to. The things I do for “love”. Love for Nonye, of course. We had dinner at a 5 – star restaurant. It was fun and the food was more fun.
We were about leaving when I remembered that I purposely forgot my car keys in my car.
‘Oh my God! Ik, my keys are in my car. What am I going to do now?’, I looked so helpless. Drama club in secondary school had paid off after all.
‘How about I drop you off?’
‘What? My dad would kill me for leaving the car here if he finds out.’
‘Ok. Ok. Can you sleep over at my house?’ He asked then quickly added, ‘or a hotel?’
‘I’ll stay in yours, if you don’t mind. ‘
‘Sure. I don’t mind at all. Come on. We’ll do something about your keys in the morning. ‘
Yes! Victory! My chance to finally see Nonye again. I had called my dad earlier to tell him I was going over to a friend’s place and he believed. Thank you once again, drama club.
We drove into his compound, it was quite big. He had his own house, a cream coloured duplex. I got in hoping to see Nonye but it broke my heart when Ik told me she had gone to spend the night at her boyfriend’s place.
Oh! She likes boys.
I took the news with a smile when I was indeed so angry inside. He took me upstairs and showed me a room where I would sleep that night. He also gave me an extra towel and toothbrush, said goodnight and left me alone. He seemed like a gentleman. Most men would  make stupid decisions when left alone with a woman, especially one with a nice body shape. But he left, just like that.
‘Ohhhhh God!  I don’t want this. Leave me alone!’
The door opened and the lights came on. ‘Efua? Are you okay?’, a voice asked. A tap on my shoulder.
I woke up, trying to stop the rays of light from getting into my eyes with my palm. I was soaked. Soaked in my own sweat.
‘Is everything alright? I heard you screaming.’ The voice was Ik’s.
‘I- I’m fine.’
‘Are you sure? ‘
‘Yes. I am.’
‘Do you need water? Is the temperature too high?’ He asked, reaching for the A. C. remote control, the temperature was 16°C.
I looked away. He dropped the remote control and turned to leave, then he said, ‘ I’m going back to my room. Just pray and go back to sleep. I think you had a bad dream.’
The door closed behind him. He did not take advantage of the situation to seduce me. There was a ceramic flower vase close by anyway if he had tried anything silly. I had dreamt of my step mother, forcing me to touch her. I don’t know why I still saw her in my dreams. May her soul rest in peace.
The next morning, I was dressed and ready to go home. I met Ik in the dining room having his breakfast. Scrambled eggs and toasts with apple juice.
‘Morning’, he smiled. ‘Breakfast?’
‘Yes please.’ I smiled a little. I was so hungry, energy drained because of that stupid dream.
He went to the kitchen and came back with my food, same as his.
I was digging in when I caught him staring at me. ‘What?’
‘You don’t pray before eating?’ He sounded shocked.
‘I- err- ‘, I sighed, made the sign of the cross and continued eating.
He sighed and shook his head but I ignored him.
I was almost done with my food when he asked, ‘So are we going to talk about last night?’
I didn’t say anything. Just continued eating.
‘Seriously Efua, I heard you scream and when I got to your room, you were soaked. You looked so scared. You can trust me anything, I can help you.’
‘Ok. I understand if you don’t want to talk about it.’
I took a sip of my apple juice . I don’t know why but I felt I could actually trust him with this. ‘I dreamt of my step mum.’
‘Oh!’ He was almost whispering. ‘But that doesn’t call for screaming, does it? I know she’s late and all but-‘
I cut him off, ‘She caused me pains.’
‘I’m so sorry, Efua. C- can you share?’
‘She made me what I am now.’
‘A beautiful woman?’ He smirked.
I looked at him in the eyes. ‘A lesbian.’
I had said it. I finally let it out to someone. It felt like this heavy weight had been lifted up. But Ik surprised me, he didn’t seem shocked. He just looked at me. Not saying a word, he got up and left the room. I buried my head in my arms, I was so ashamed of myself. Was he going to get a gun to kill me? Ask me to leave and never return? Why did I even care? He was just a man after all,  right?
I suddenly sensed a figure standing behind me but I didn’t look up. Then he called. ‘Efua?’
I didn’t reply.
‘Efua, I’m not going to judge you, ‘He said as he took a seat beside me on the dining table. ‘Look up. Do you know what this is?’
I obeyed and saw a book in his hand, ‘Good News Bible’ written on the yellow hard cover.
‘A Bible?’ I replied
‘Yes. And do you know what it teaches?
I just stared at the Bible on the table, not saying a word. This wasn’t really my best topic for a conversation.
‘Among many things, it’s mainly about God’s love for us. He loves us all, you and I. Your step mum. The whole world. And He sent His only son to die for our sins and Efua, I just want you to know that no matter what you’ve done, whatever your past has been, God will always forgive you when you repent.’
I nodded to assure him I was listening.
‘You know, he has promised us a bright hope and a future. Everlasting peace and happiness. No nightmares whatsoever. I want you to believe this, okay? You can have this, I have another one.’ He said, referring to the Bible. ‘I want you to study and live by it, okay?’
‘Thank you Ik’, I said, taking the Bible from the table. ‘I feel better talking to you about it but I doubt if anything is going to change.’
‘Things will if you really want them to change.’
Shyly, I added, ‘I came here hoping to see Nonye actually. I- I like her.’
He chuckled.  ‘What? Nonye is getting married soon o.’
I smiled. ‘ Oh!’
‘I can’t even believe this. Nonye? That boy freak.’ He laughed now. ‘But you really need Jesus, you’re coming to church with me on Sunday.’
‘What? No. I don’t like church.’
‘You will like church soon enough and trust me, church loves you already.’
We laughed.
And that’s how I went to church with Ik that Sunday and the next and the ones after that and the fellowships on Thursdays and that one Saturday, in my white gown. I also sleep peacefully now, no more step mother dreams.  Is this because Ik sleeps beside me now on our bed? Or because I know God now and I know that He loves me and has saved me? I’m quite sure it’s both.
                                                                                THE END!
Please tell me you enjoyed this story? I’m actually so excited. I waited so long to post this. Oh, I’m working now, for the summer.  It’s really not summer in Nigeria, it rains almost everyday. Lol. I’m learning graphic designing and it’s fun. Really :’) Back to my story, tell me what you think about it and how it ended.



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