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#FeatureFebruary Feat. Francess || Depression: To Help You or Someone Else Get Through The Phase

Hey guys, I’m Francess Oyelade. I’ll be talking to you about depression. A lot of people, especially the part of the world that I live in, say a young person cannot be depressed because we haven’t experienced life enough to be depressed. Now, depression comes in different ways, in fact, I’ll say depression is built not walked into. It builds, from […]

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#FeatureFebruary || Interview Day by Ote Igwemoh

The day before was the 8th of March, 2017. That night I couldn’t sleep, I kept on tossing, turning and wondering what the next day was going to be like, what the end result was going to be, the questions they might ask me, all these thoughts ran through my head while I tried to […]

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My Market Experience

It’s been a while I posted something under the Plog category. Plog means Personal Blog where I share some personal experiences. Here is one, read and enjoy!😁😁😭 Yesterday, I went to the market. And this time, not with mummy. It was the first time going to get foodstuff without her and I learnt two lessons, […]

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