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YOLO: Where’s The Truth?

Now she want a photo YaYou already know thoughYou only live once, that’s the motto nigga YOLOWe ’bout it every day, every day, every day Drake- YOLO This song is pretty much what made the saying popular. YOLO is an acronym for You Only Live Once. Nice, right? Most people believe this, sadly. If we […]

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LOVE: The basis of all existence The essence of our salvation The One who lives within Fills our lungs And causes us to breathe forever. -Anesii I was going to write this post yesterday, I was charged up and all but when it was time to put pen to paper, I got stuck. (Oh yea! […]

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August Bloggary #14 [ft. Health Tip: Waist to Height Ratio]

Currently sitting in an almost empty class. Two of my course mates are to my left though but they are quite to themselves. I resumed school yesterday ☹️☹️ I really don’t want to be here and I just want to graduate really!! Argh…

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August Bloggary #12

Currently watching a cooking show and all I can think is, people can cook!!!😩 Lawrrdt! Anyhoo, Dear Bloggary, I haven’t been on here for two days because I really needed this break. I was on the road all day, two days back. Very exhausting, I assure you. Yesterday was my day of rest😂 I couldn’t […]

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August Bloggary #9 [Featuring: Lessons Tailoring Taught Me]

Dear Bloggary, How’re you doing today guys? Sorry I didn’t come through with my lessons yesterday, busy busy day. Spent all day at the salon, I don’t like the first day of new hair cause it comes with an oily face. But oh well, let’s move on to today. Today involved a lot of washing, […]

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August Bloggary #2

Dear Bloggary, Today was one of the lazy days in my life. I literally stayed in bed all day long! After waking up, I prayed and just continued staying in bed. This wasn’t on purpose anyway, my tummy was hurting for reasons best known to it. Thankfully, it doesn’t hurt anymore. I was supposed to […]

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I Miss You

Hello everyone! Hope you’ve all been good? I really miss everyone here on WordPress, I’ve been so busy lately. Butttttt I have something really nice planned for August. It’s going to be like a gratitude journal month~ #AugustGracious. Or maybe I should come up with another name? Suggestions? Well, I’m excited about it guys, you’ll […]

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