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If You’re Reading This…

If you’re reading this, say hi and comment something below. I’d love to know you better♥️ I’ll go first, I’m Anesi. Other name is Gabriella so you can call me whichever. I’m a Christian and Lifestyle blogger, I love having long meaningful conversations that make me think. It’s nice to meet you. I’ll be waiting […]

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Good Men Still Exist

Nope. This isn’t the time when I tell you about all the good men I’ve met in my life and why men aren’t actually scum and all that lol. In general, I’m not here to give relationship advice, I mean… pfft! I’m a single pringle. This is a story of two good men I met […]

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Hello. How're you?

Hi Everyone! I trust you’re having a great day/evening and even a better week. I’ve been so busy lately, your girl’s learning to be a tailor 😂 That’s just before I resume my 4th year in August. My previous semester was amazing btw. All shades of amazinggg. So just to catch up, I would love […]

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