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YOLO: Where’s The Truth?

Now she want a photo YaYou already know thoughYou only live once, that’s the motto nigga YOLOWe ’bout it every day, every day, every day Drake- YOLO This song is pretty much what made the saying popular. YOLO is an acronym for You Only Live Once. Nice, right? Most people believe this, sadly. If we […]

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What Made You Hop Won't Just Stop.

Hello! Trust your weekend has been bliss. Thanks for stopping by my blog again, I bring some words of encouragement tonight! So this post is about overcoming your temptations. First of all, I would say temptations aren’t easy at all to overcome but it can be done step by step, it’s a process really. One […]

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Inner Circle

Lately, I’ve been listening to messages from Pastor Michael Todd of Transformation Church and boy, are they amazing! Sound doctrine all over and he preaches really well, in my opinion. One series I was engaged in is titled ‘Inner Circle’. It contains three messages and if you can lay your hands on them, you should […]

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Surrender. To yield oneself to an influence, emotion, passion, etc. Submission to the possession of another. Something I called “letting go”. Surrender… something I always found so difficult to do because I felt it wasn’t part of my settings. I did not understand the process and I let it affect my relationship with God. I […]

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The Gospel of John 

This is absolutely my favourite gospel! I’m in love love with every word and it basically talks about love. God’s unending love for mankind. As usual, I’ll be sharing a bit of what I learnt. So sit down and enjoy, this is the last Gospel 😊 1:4-5 tells us that Jesus is the light of […]

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The Gospel of Luke

Helloooooo there! It’s me again and this time, I would be talking about what Luke taught me 💁  Luke 1:37- For with God nothing will be impossible. Shout Hallelu-jah! Do you know what it means when nothing is impossible? I don’t think you do cause if you did, you wouldn’t be doubting. Like He can […]

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The Gospel of Mark

I’d like to call this book, Matthew the Remix 😅 Didn’t say before but this is more like a Gospel series, talking about some things I learned and thought I should share 😊 Firstly, I want to talk about when Jesus calmed the wind and wave in Mark 4:35-41.  The disciples were so scared but […]

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