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The Lawyer & The Judge: The True Mediator

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Have you ever wondered where you’d end up after dying? If you asked me that some years ago, my answer would have been, ‘I don’t know mehn. With the way things are, I might go to hell.’ Tragic! I wasn’t comfortable with this fact, in fact, I was helpless. I had no idea what to […]

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YOLO: Where’s The Truth?

Now she want a photo YaYou already know thoughYou only live once, that’s the motto nigga YOLOWe ’bout it every day, every day, every day Drake- YOLO This song is pretty much what made the saying popular. YOLO is an acronym for You Only Live Once. Nice, right? Most people believe this, sadly. If we […]

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Dear Believer || What Do You Do With Growth?

Hello guys! How’re y’all doing? Great, I hope. A while ago, I spoke on love, yet again. If you follow my blog, you would know I really love this topic. So I spoke on letting love find expression, you can read all about it here. Moving on to today’s topic, we would start with this […]

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Above the Underworld

One day, I got on a bus and on the driver’s shirt was written, “You only live once”. At that instance, I shook my head in disagreement. If only people realise that we actually live twice. The temporary life on earth and the life after. Now the question is: WHERE DO YOU CHOOSE TO SPEND […]

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