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S S S || A Tad Bit Grey Finale

Read the first part here I decided to pay my ‘boyfriend’ a visit on a certain weekend, I had packed some clothes, underwear and my toothbrush which I was going to need for the weekend. I had spare keys to Sammy’s apartment which I used from time to time when he wasn’t at home. I […]

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S S S || A Tad Bit Grey

…Forty eight, forty nine, fifty. I counted in my head as I took the last step down the flight of stairs. Pythagoras believed everything was made up of numbers and I totally agreed with him. I counted every single thing, thirty nine steps from the dining room to my bed, twelve to the girls’ bathroom, […]

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Mary Amaka 

She wasn’t like the rest of them. Always went to church With that particular green skirt that swept the crooked roads as she walked by Or was it the black one with yellow flower prints? In her hand, she held a black book When asked, she would tell us, ”It’s the goose-pel, Father say it’s […]

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