The Addict.

I was little.
I was afraid. I knew nothing.
I needed love.
I never knew what that meant. I never got the attention I deserved.
Play stations, shoes, clothes, toys, gadgets.
But those never gave me the happiness I truly longed for.
I grew into adolescence.
I made friends.
Friends who helped destroy me.
They told me, “this will make you happier than you’ve ever been.”
I took it in. I felt good.
Was it happiness? 
I knew not for I had never felt it.
It just felt great on the inside and I loved the feeling of it.
Though temporary.
I was sent to an institution. I was supposed to be helped.
I got caught taking my temporary dose of happiness.
I was chased out. Like a dog.
It only made me search for more happiness.
Years later, I’m better.
And I know what true happiness is.

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