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The Shack: Movie Review

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Hello guys! How’re you doing? Great, I suppose. If not, we could definitely talk about it. Anyhoo, anyhoo, anyhoo… Today’s blogpost is going to be a movie review. Lord knows I’ve stalled on watching this for over a year, I finally got my hands on the movie. Work and everything kind of got in the way of watching it but I finally did watch it last night and I paid a price for it. I slept by 1.30 AM, on a weekday. Good and bad decision. Anyway, I’ll give my review on the movie and what I feel, feel free to leave your comments after this and subscribe too 🙂

The movie is based on a man, Mackenzie, who was abused as a child by his father. Fortunately, he didn’t grow up with hate but he was definitely broken. Mackenzie later got married and had 3 kids, 2 girls and a boy. One day, they went camping and on the trip, his little daughter got missing, the police later found out that she had been abducted by a serial killer, her body was never found but they all knew she was…gone. This brewed up bitterness and anger for God in Mackenzie’s heart. How could God let such happen to his daughter if He was all good and almighty?

One day, he got a letter in his mailbox from ‘Papa’. Papa was the name his wife called God, and they all did too as a family. The letter instructed him to meet at the shack, he was going to embark on the journey with a friend but eventually didn’t. On getting to the shack, Mackenzie found no one there, just snow and the floorboard stained with red; his daughter’s blood.

Later, he goes on to meet Jesus, called ‘Truth’ in this movie, and God the Father, who was a black woman, and the Holy Spirit, known as ‘Sarayu’ in this movie. According to some reviews, people have found this blasphemous, majorly because God was portrayed as a woman, but we seem to forget He was portrayed as a man also at some point, and God is a spirit and therefore, should not be assigned a gender. In the Bible, He referred to Himself as ‘I AM’ and that’s it. HE JUST IS. Note also that the Jews, like most cultures nowadays, saw the male species as predominant and so, it just made sense to refer to Him as ‘He’. In the movie, He said He chose to come as a woman because that is what Mackenzie needed, note that he was abused by his father as a child. So we shouldn’t now enforce a gender on God, we do not have that right. Like I said before, God called Himself, ‘I AM’. Another thing to note was how God appeared in 3 different forms at once, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, but on thing to acknowledge was they all bore the same scars, the wounds in the wrists were Jesus was nailed to the cross. I think He was 3 because He wanted Mac to understand better and for the sake of the viewers also.

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There was a part of the movie that got to me. Mac was given the privilege of seeing his daughter and seeing how happy she was, Jesus went on to say it wasn’t His idea but God, the Father’s. This might bring about the question, “Aren’t they the same?” Let’s look at a scenario, someone is both a father/mother and a doctor. It wouldn’t be advisable to let that person perform a surgery on their child because the father/mother in them wouldn’t let them concentrate. It doesn’t mean they aren’t doctors. I hope I communicated that clearly, it’s the same person but different things to different viewers. The Holy Trinity is something I haven’t fully understood but I get the concept around it and I feel that’s okay, although I still need to do some research. If you’d like me to write on it, please let me know. Moving on…

Another scene I loved in this movie was when Mac met with Wisdom. Yes, Wisdom was also portrayed as a person. I felt everything the character Mac felt at that moment, where he was meant to judge his children and decide which one of the 2 would go to hell and the other, heaven. He decided to sacrifice himself instead, I understood how God felt. It’s not like I’ve never known but it seemed like, there was more light shed on my understanding. Mac had a hard time forgiving and letting go of his anger for God and I can almost relate. I know the pain of losing someone dear, and I’ve never really told a lot of people this part of the story but I think it’s time to share this:

I lost my dad at the age of 7 and although I didn’t really know how to feel about the death of a person, I wouldn’t neglect the fact that I felt something. That evening, we received a call that my dad had been shot, that was all the detail we got, we later found out it was a more gruesome event that had occurred, but he was definitely shot, twice. When we heard it, we prayed that he be okay. You see, my dad had travelled some hours away, so there was no way to quickly get to him. That night, we prayed as a family and after that, I asked God to bring him home safely, I was totally ready to accept a crippled father. God knows I prayed for him to be crippled even, anything but death. That night, I prayed till I slept off, and the next morning, we got news that he was gone. My little self felt betrayed, but that little self was still a child and thought like a child, that I’m thankful for, so that child did not hold a grudge against God but I think it did have an effect on me, I prayed less. I definitely pray much better now.

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Why did I tell that story? I did it because I want to let you know that although that movie was a fiction, the feeling Mac felt were very real. And the love God has for us is more real also! I marvel at His love every time because the more I know it, the more amazing it all gets. This movie opened my eyes to some certain things, one being that even in the midst of chaos, He is here, working for our good. Loving both the good and the bad, causing the sun to shine on all. The world is evil, sin is everywhere basically choking us, but in all that we have fresh air to breathe in Jesus, we find peace and solace in Him. He’s not interested in slaves or prisoners or robots, He made us to love us and be with us. I also understood from this movie that, absolutely no one is entitled to a painless life but that does not change the fact that He is always there.

Some people found this movie blasphemous, from the fact that God was a woman and Sarayu is a Hindu name. I think most complaints come from the book, it was said that hell was portrayed as the human body and if that be the case, I completely disagree with that. Hell is a place and it is real. I haven’t read the book just yet, I would appreciate a hard copy as a birthday present lol, so I can’t really say so much about the book. But that movie, it was totally worth staying up late for and I recommend you watch that movie too.

Discussion time, what do you think about this movie? Have you seen it? If you haven’t seen it just yet, what do you think from this review and would you watch it?

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