Thug Mode Activated

Here I am with another Lagos experience, this one wasn’t so bad but yea, I thought to share. And no, this does not in any way mean Lagos is bad, I mean, I enjoy Lagos sometimes. Mostly when I’m in a car and not keke (tricycle) or a bus. So, first stop today was ipNX, Ikeja GRA. I didn’t spend up to 5 minutes there cause apparently, I have to go to the main office at Victoria Island, that’s for another day cause today wasn’t planned for island waka, at all. From there, I went on to Nestlé to apply for that internship but they said it had closed 3 days ago. I feel this is rather unprofessional because on the internet, it says the closing date is January 25th, anyway from there, we went on to Andela to apply. Andela doesn’t usually take interns but it seems there’s been a change this year as it’s been everywhere on the internet but on getting there, we were informed yet again that they don’t, probably false info. 😩

I used an overhead bridge for the first time today and now I know why people hate them, I felt like I would pass out while climbing up. Anyway, I got down and sat down waiting for a bus going to Ikeja. You sat down waiting for a bus? Well yes, sometimes you can’t come and kill yourself, abi? As I sat there I kept wondering why some street guys were collecting money from bus drivers, and more annoyingly, like it was their right! Of course, I got no answer as to why cause I did ask, everybody saw it as normal. Another problem with this country, people just seem to accept whatever you throw at them and rain curses in their heads while doing nothing about it. Anyway, I went to Ebeanor supermarket after that and impulse buying attacked. I was meant to get a book with my friend and I found myself buying makeup products, well I need them but that’s still impulse buying. While we were searching for the perfect book at a low price, I came across a Bible that was over 17,000 naira and somebody will tell me being a Christian is beans, no boo. But we’re accepting applications lmao. Just kidding. God accepts anyone willing to come to Him with wide arms, He’s so loving and awesome like that, that’s my Daddy.🤗🤗

Okay, that’s basically how my day went. I’ll be back by 9/10 to talk about an attitude Christians should imbibe. Till then,

I love you and God is crazy in love with you.



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