Knowing Him and making Him known…

Thug Mode Activated

Here I am with another Lagos experience, this one wasn’t so bad but yea, I thought to share. And no, this does not in any way mean Lagos is bad, I mean, I enjoy Lagos sometimes. Mostly when I’m in a car and not keke (tricycle) or a bus. So, first stop today was ipNX, […]

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Look Up, My Child

There are days when I feel like None of it is worth it. Why hope when everything is in shambles? Why trust when it seems I already failed? Why smile when darkness seems to win? Those days Are the days you speak in my heart, Loud enough, it makes every other thought fade ‘Look up, […]

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Branding. I was taught branding in Agricultural Science, probably in SS1 (Grade 10) because I didn’t offer it any further than that. It simply means putting a sign or mark on an animal to indicate ownership and that way, whenever an animal gets missing, it can easily be found by this mark. Likewise, in some […]

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Tenacious Faith

January 6th, 2019- First Sunday of the Year. First worship at Celebration Church and can I tell you it was amazing. The praise, the worship, the preaching, the people! I would be writing a summary of the sermon titled ‘Faith is Tenacious.’ “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things […]

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