What Does It Feel Like To Be Without God?

These are basically what ran through my head when I thought about it. I basically couldn’t come up with anything. I was studying one day and came across Ephesians 2:12-18 and it talked about how Jesus Christ has become our peace and made us one with God, also talked about how He made it possible for the Jews and Gentiles to be one and how the Gentiles were hopeless and did not have God. And I just thought, what does it feel like to be without God? I want to believe I’ve always had God, even when I was in the world, I knew He is always there, watching over me because Jesus has paid the price. I need people to understand that we’re nothing without God and to have Him love us is just too beautiful, it’s indescribable! That He gave His only begotten Son who gave the ultimate sacrifice of His blood that our sins may be forgiven and all we have to do is believe…
Just believe in Him, believe in His death and resurrection, believe in your salvation and you have eternal life. I’m not telling you to believe in God so you’ll have riches, but so that you can live forever with Him. Love God because He first loved us and to love Him is to do His commandments. We may fall along the way but don’t give up because He’s always there to receive you in His arms. It’s said that the path is narrow but it’ll all be worth it in the end. Let us receive life from Jesus today and be truly born again and repentant.
I may have gone far but it’s worth it. Think about this and ask yourself, what does it feel like to be without God? To be a gentile? I personally do not know and I pray to never know but one thing I’m sure of is that, I have been redeemed and I cannot be or do or live without God and I’m never going back.

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