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What Made You Hop Won't Just Stop.

Hello! Trust your weekend has been bliss. Thanks for stopping by my blog again, I bring some words of encouragement tonight!
So this post is about overcoming your temptations. First of all, I would say temptations aren’t easy at all to overcome but it can be done step by step, it’s a process really.
One day, I was scrolling through my Instagram feed in the middle of the night and came across a post from last year, I was so happy that night because it spoke to me, answered a question I’d been asking myself for a while now. It basically said, ‘what makes you hop won’t just stop’, which means that whatever it is you were going through before coming to Christ, addictions or what not, they don’t just stop once you declare that Jesus is your Lord and Saviour. It takes the grace of God to overcome it all, you have to strengthen your spirit by indulging so much in the word that you can overcome temptations whenever they arise and having victory once doesn’t mean it’ll come to an end just immediately. Even Jesus was tempted three times but everytime, He overcame by the word of God until the devil troubled Him no more. Just look how beautiful and powerful the word of God is, we need it to become a part of us. I say ‘we’ because I include myself. I want to challenge us to study God’s word daily and live by it. Another way is to surround yourself with people who see what you’re going through and can help and pray for you. Such people are the kind I talked about in yesterday’s post.
I see God helping us always. Amen.
Thank you so much for reading. Till next time.

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