Why I trimmed my hair. Lol

I have no idea why the weather in Benin is bipolar 😩 why would it rain during harmattan? Oh well, me and my hair were definitely not made for this country. I’ve been thinking of naming my hair recently 😂 Suggestions? Probably a tribal name.
So…like the title says, I trimmed my hair but the way the length reduced, it seems like I cut it..

And here’s why…
My hair of two and a half years didn’t just want to grow and  was honestly tired. I’m not one to care for hair but that shouldn’t matter, right?😢 So yea, my mum took it upon her to care for this beau and wanted me to trim it, wash it, steam it, weave it………… I sha only trimmed and washed it cause this heat isn’t for me. I saw this “trimming” as a new beginning anyway. I made a decision to actually take care of my hair and love it and I might keep it at this length for a long time cause I like short hair and I think it fits me (what do you think?) So yea, that’s why in case you were wondering. How do you like your hair? Long or short? Comment below…

-Anesii ❤ 

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